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Powerful antioxidant, makes your skin radiant and revitalizes dull skin, reduces redness and pigmentation spots.  96.8% natural ingredients, with stabilized Vitamin C, bio lemon water. Does not cause photosensitivity, can be used all year round even on the most sensitive skin! Dermatologically proven effectiveness. Vegan, silicone-free, preservative-free, colorant-free.


Vitamin C antioxidant treatment with 96.8% natural ingredients. Made with ascorbyl glucoside, a more stable form of vitamin C, which is more compatible with the skin tissue and is released directly in the cell core, improving treatment results and more effectively preventing the synthesis of melanin, which causes spots.

Clinical trials prove:

77% more even skin

91% firmer skin

100% brighter and more vibrant skin

76.9% reduction in redness

Ascorbyl glucoside: an inactivated form of vitamin C bound to glucose. The glucose remains on the skin surface, and the free vitamin C penetrates directly into the skin.
Similar to skin pH, it has no exfoliating effect.
Certified by Ecocert® organic plant water: biocompatible, rich in trace elements and mineral salts, enhances the efficacy of the formula's main active ingredients, and guarantees the absorption of the ingredients contained in it, improving the effectiveness of the treatment.
Not photosensitive and does not oxidize. Very stable as it does not convert to vitamin C until it penetrates into the skin.
Does not cause photosensitivity and does not cause harmful effects or allergic reactions from sunlight.
Apply day and night to dry, cleansed skin with light movements. Thanks to its liquid texture, only a small amount is needed. Can be used as a serum before applying face cream or by adding a few drops to the face cream.
Why does the skin need Vitamin C?
Several factors cause oxidative stress in the skin, such as smoking, environmental pollution, and sunlight. This oxidative stress can even break down collagen fibers, causing premature aging, so it is very important to provide antioxidants at the skin level to stop this aging process.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin against free radicals. It has numerous anti-aging effects as it stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits the breakdown of elastin and hyaluronic acid, thus preventing aging. It also has a depigmenting effect as it prevents the oxidation of melanin or pigment synthesis in the skin.
It does not irritate and is effective for all skin types, including sensitive, oily and irritated skin. Its brightening effect can be noticed from the first application.
2 ml
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    I am a 22 year old guy and I would like to ask for help in that on my forehead, there is a faint vertical expression line and even in the area between the wrinkle there are faint small wrinkles, I would like to avoid surgical intervention, could yo ...

    The Active Snake Venom facial cream is an effective aid in filling expression wrinkles. The syn-ake active ingredient found in the cream is often mentioned as a natural alternative to Botox due to its gentle yet highly effective wrinkle-filling effect. Its mechanism of action: its active ingredient, the Syn-ake tripeptide (plant protein), inhibits the contraction of facial muscles and blocks the receptors in the cell wall of the facial muscles, as a result of which they relax, and the expression wrinkles smooth out and then slowly disappear.

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    Eliminating red spots left after pimples. I welcome the question of whether you can recommend any cream for red spots left after pimples? Thank you

    As a treatment, it is worth applying the Armonía Helix Active eco snail serum to the red spots which also contains marigold, it has excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. If your skin also needs more intensive hydration, I would supplement the use of the serum with the Armonía Helix Active eco snail cream.

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    Hello! I'm a cream fanatic, I try a lot of creams. Yesterday, with the help of a lovely sales lady, I got to know Armonia and also received samples for testing. I got an "active snake" cream and serum. I have a question about this, since I don't fu ...

    Dear Lívia! The ingredient called Syn-ake ("snake venom") is a tripeptide, that is, a protein, which consists exclusively of plant components. This plant protein is completely identical to one of the tripeptides found in the venom of the temple viper.

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    Hi! Can I use the ginger-cinnamon mask after the algae deep cleansing mask, or only separately? Thank you. :)

    Hi! If you've washed off the algae mask properly, you can then safely use the cinnamon regulatory mask :)

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    How does collagen cream help our skin?

    The word collagen is of Greek origin (kola = glue, and egonomen = produce), this compound word well expresses the purpose of collagen: it is a protein that 'glues together', 'unites' the parts of cells, promotes the formation and renewal of tissues. This very durable, fibrous protein (or protein) constitutes the largest portion of the human body's protein content, about 25% and of skin tissue it makes up 70%. Therefore, collagen is responsible for the elasticity and softness of the skin, it regenerates cells, builds joints, strengthens our bones, and together with vitamin C, it slows down the aging of the skin. However, as age progresses, its activity weakens, therefore it needs to be replenished. With the help of collagen, the skin becomes hydrated, more elastic, softer and firmer, discolorations fade, and scars and wrinkles caused by skin stretching become smoother.

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