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Make-up and cosmetics for real women

The accelerated pace of life and rushing around should not be the norm, but sometimes reality takes over and we don’t have time to get everything done. That is why Camaleon has developed a whole range of make-up and skincare for women like you, who are looking for good, effective, long-lasting products that deliver what they promise. Don’t give up on adding a touch of colour to your daily life and choose make-up that cares for and treats your skin. Products that are easy to apply, with natural active ingredients that respect your skin and with an extensive and beautiful variety of colours so you can find everything you are looking for in one place. Lipsticks, blushers, eyeshadows, mascaras and the most effective facial treatments rich in natural active ingredients and at an incredible price.

New long-lasting, non-sticky lip glosses to be used alone or with your favourite lipstick, helping to give a lip-plumping effect. Camaleon lip glosses are another perfect make-up complement which, as well as adding shine, will provide your lips with extra hydration and nourishment.

The gloss lipsticks will add a shade to your lips so that they look beautiful, with a different and natural glow effect. With no sticky feeling, they guarantee maximum comfort throughout the entire day.

Lipstick is the perfect complement to your make-up. It adds a special or natural touch to your look, depending on the occasion, your tastes and needs.

Camaleon Cosmetics has long-wear lipsticks containing natural ingredients, with a creamy texture and intense colour. Lipsticks which nourish, regenerate and protect, providing full, all-day coverage.


Moisturising and waterproof magic lipsticks proven to last up to 12 hours, with an intense colour.

All-day lipsticks which nourish, regenerate and protect while adding colour, highlighting your natural colouring without cracking!

Their formulation with natural active ingredients hydrates, nourishes, remineralises, softens and regenerates to achieve cared-for, sensual lips. Thanks to their composition, the colour is totally personalised, as the special pigments react with the moisture of your skin and the air to develop a unique colour which lasts for over 12 hours. There are six colours to choose from: grey, yellow, green, red, coral and peach.

Discover the easiest way to highlight your eyes and add a touch of colour with the new eyeliner pencils by Camaleon Cosmetics. Intense, highly pigmented shades, enriched with natural active ingredients and very easy to apply as they glide on smoothly.

A vegan, cruelty-free eyeliner that is ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers. Since it isn’t waterproof, it is very easy to remove without excessive rubbing, preventing damage to the eye and any remaining traces of colour on the eyelids or lashes.

6 beautiful colours that you can vary in intensity depending on the number of strokes applied. Apply it to the lash line or waterline for the most varied looks and try different shapes and thicknesses. Have fun experimenting!

100% natural facial highlighters. Highlight and illuminate your skin naturally with our cream highlighter. A pearly effect, available in 3 shades!

Highlighters are being talked about a lot in the world of make-up as the key to a fresh and radiant face. It’s perfect for when your skin is looking dull. It also serves to combat the signs of stress and fatigue, or day to day, to give a radiant touch to your face.

In order to properly care for our skin, we must get to know it first. Oily, dry or combination skin? Acne, dark spots, sensitivity? Eye bags and dark circles? Everyone’s skin is different and choosing the most suitable products is the key to achieving the most appropriate facial care.


Camaleon’s facial cleansers remove make-up and deep cleanse without irritating your skin. Ideal make-up removers to use individually or in combination for a perfect two-step facial cleansing routine. Oil-based and water-based formulas that are gentle on your skin.


The best concentrated facial serums which enhance the results of your creams, made with organic lemon vegetable water and over 96% natural ingredients. Clinically tested concentrated treatments for your face, for all skin types, even the most sensitive skins.

A treatment for every need: hyaluronic acid for hydration, Vitamin C for radiance and glycolic acid for dark spots. Boosters which will provide you with visible results in just 7 days of application. Silicon-free, colouring-free, preservative-free and suitable for vegans.


At Camaleon, we offer you solutions containing natural ingredients, vitamins, ceramides and oils that moisturise, nourish and regenerate your skin with facial treatments that are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Face creams designed to provide your skin with long-term moisture and regeneration. Containing active ingredients that boost the efficacy of your skin’s hydration and repair. Treatments with a powerful anti-oxidant and skin revitalising effect, helping eliminate wrinkles and expression lines.

Rediscover natural cosmetics:

Do you dare to go for a chameleon-like look?

We are cyclical and chameleon-like, so what is better than having our make-up change with us? Because today you may be channelling your rocker spirit and tomorrow you might only want a soft and natural finish, and that is you in all your versions.

Camaleon make-up adapts to you and to every moment. Use our products separately to add a simple and different touch to your look, or combine several products from our catalogue together for a colourful result that transforms according to your mood.

Adjustable products with a wide range of shades from nude or super natural terra to vibrant fluoride and metallics. Have fun trying them out and go for a chameleon-like look

Effective cosmetics for women like you

We develop products that exceed the highest standards. Our development department is constantly researching to develop effective and safe products that can offer you the best make-up and treatment for your skin. 

Because using quality make-up should not be at odds with your wallet. Opt for the make-up and treatments developed by our laboratory with extensive experience and don’t choose between quality and price. Have it all thanks to Camaleon Cosmetics. 

Remember that it is never too early to start taking care of yourself. Use effective cosmetics designed for women like you and start respecting and caring for your skin from a young age. Choose the most natural and effective care at any age.

We have the treatment your skin needs

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