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Since its foundation in 1975, Válquer Laboratorios has researched and developed top-quality cosmetic products, offering dynamic and innovative responses for the professional sectors of hairdressing, aesthetics and others closely related to beauty and health, both body and hair. Proof of the progressive, continuous and solid growth of Válquer in recent years is the internationalization of the company, which is currently present in more than 60 countries. one of the manufacturing companies with the greatest R&D&I activity in innovative cosmetics and with the greatest future projection, profitability and stability.

Natural facial creams, masks, serums, eye contours, make-up removers or treatment ampoules. Take care of your face in the most natural way with ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter or soy isoflavones. 

Dry, combination, oily or sensitive skin; whatever your skin is like, find the facial care that suits you best with respectful formulas that neither attack nor irritate it.

Get a complete care for your entire body with ARMONIA Natural Cosmetic products. Take care of your intimate hygiene while respecting the area natural pH or repair your skin in depth with powerful regenerating active ingredients such as snail slime or aloe vera.

In gel, cream or oil texture; All our formulas spread easily and are absorbed quickly, giving your skin the comfort it needs.

Aloe vera, camomile, lemon balm, onion and clay are some of the active ingredients included in the formulas of Armonía natural shampoos, and they ensure clean, soft and healthy hair.

NOODOR is a truly effective anti-odorant cream that acts directly on odour-causing bacteria, regulating microbiota and eliminating odour for up to 48 hours with a single application, while your glands continue to perspire.

The NOODOR deodorant can be used by the whole family and is fragrance-free. Its anti-odorant action reduces the appearance of persistent odour on new natural and synthetic fabrics that remains on clothes even after washing.

Playing sports or bathing does not reduce its effectiveness. Say goodbye to unpleasant odours for days with a natural formula containing only 10 ingredients suitable for all skin types and with clinically proven deodorant efficacy*.

Unlike conventional deodorants that mask bad odour, NOODOR inhibits the bacteria that cause it, eliminating it. Thanks to its active ingredients, NOODOR is suitable for sensitive skin and does not cause irritation.

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Rediscover natural cosmetics:

Natural cosmetics for skin care

Cosmetics formulated for skin care, made from the best natural ingredients, with exclusive and incredibly effective formulas and pleasant scents.

Products with a unique manufacturing process of emulsions that increases the absorption of the active ingredients into the skin. Delicate textures avoiding the use of unnecessary ingredients.

Cleansing, moisturising and nourishing treatments, with vitamins and antioxidants that protect the skin from external aggressions.

Cosmetics for skin care and also for the environment, we are committed to sustainable cosmetics, with biodegradable and easily recyclable materials.

Pioneers in toxic-free natural cosmetics

Present in the market since 1981, we produce high added value cosmetic products with ingredients and bases of natural and ecological quality for skin care.

The balance between the quality of raw materials, the appropriate concentration of active ingredients and the rational use of conventional ingredients with proven cosmetic efficacy is the key to our work.

The result is the combination of the benefits of the traditional natural extracts that nature offers us in its purest state, with the most avant-garde scientific research.

Natural cosmetics from organic agriculture

Armonía products contain 100% natural and organic active ingredients, organic vegetable oils, floral waters and other organic ingredients, some of which come from small producers or agricultural associations, thus modestly supporting the sustainable development of rural areas.

Under the principles of ethics and sustainability of natural and organic cosmetics, which also regulate the use of certain ingredients, concentrations of active ingredients and manufacturing methods, we develop the most appropriate formulas to meet the needs of the skin at every stage of life through a unique and exclusive manufacturing process of the brand.