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Wrinkles - Revitalize - REDUCE spots - paraben-free!

HELIX ACTIVE CERTIFIED ECO PULLEY Face Cream (50ml) snail mucus extract 100% certified organic product organic farming cultivated aloe vera and marigold extract enriched. Cell renewal effect, fills wrinkles and reduces skin blemishes and pigmentation, moisturizes, protects and rebuilds the full depth of the skin. The most sensitive skin! It contains sun protection!

ACTIVE ECO SNAIL HELIX CERTIFIED BUILDING NIGHT SKIN SERUM FACIAL CONCENTRATE (30ml). Certified eco snail mucus extract, aloe vera, marigold and liquorice extract supplemented with organic snail mucus concentrate, which is a perfect complement to Helix Active arckrémnek, amplifies its effect, increases. Charges the wrinkles, reduce blemishes and pigmentation. It helps scars, acne, acne, stretch marks treatment. Very efficiently protect and moisturize the skin.

The ecological snail mucus extract is inherently rich in collagen, elastin, allantoin and other micro-nutrients that are very effective to protect, moisturize the skin, reduce it generated spots, wrinkles and upload cell regenerating effects. A perfect solution to feel good in our skin.

Snail mucus marketed by Armonia Natural Cosmetic withdrawal of a patented technique in which the animal is not hurt nothing. The snails are bred in natural conditions optimal eastern part of France Languedoc-Rossello zone, their diets specially grown in organic farming solve them with plants. The combination of these factors and the snail mucus results in a special földolgozásának, the unique extraction method, which provides:

the first and only eco certified as snail mucus extract,
Maximum humane treatment of slugs,
the absence of preservatives in the base material. The ingredients make it into the final product without any other active ingredients.
maximum purity and optimum physical, chemical and microbiological * capabilities.
These factors make it extremely effective in the HELIX ACTIVE products:

Armonia snail mucus extract components *

Proteins (pie chart, 50%) - the bőrtáplálásért
Mucopolysaccharides, allantoin and glycolic acid - a regenerálásért (10% pie chart)
Elastin (pie chart, 35%), collagen (35% pie chart below) - the flexibility
* Virtually it consists of 50% proteins: nourish the skin.

* + 35% collagen and elastin content: fundamentally affect the skin structure and elasticity.

* Allantoin, glycolic acid and mucopolysaccharides related to the sejtregenerációhoz agents.

* Chemical tests performed by Quest PHARMA (SPAIN) (ISO 9001: 2008-accredited laboratory cal)

A range of other organic ingredients:

Calendula extract the vitamins and minerals-rich active ingredient softer and smoother to the touch the skin.
Aloe vera: a special skin protection and healing ability of known substances are extremely soothing, refreshes the skin, improves texture, look and a great contributor to optimize hydration.
Especially efficient clinically proven


44% ráncfelület
14% ráncmélység
26% at 4 hours after use
21% melanin index (patches decrease)
COSMETIC EFFICIENCY (after four weeks of continuous use CONSUMERS)

80% wrinkle reduction
90% Hydration
97% nourishing abilities
93% Lighter and softer skin Velvet
90% Flexibility, tension
Pigmentcsökkentő 63% efficiency
examination carried out under the supervision of Dermatologists 30 women in attendance, 28 days on the basis of twice-daily use of the Helix Active Regenerating Face Cream.


The serum in the evening, while the use of face cream in the morning and evening is recommended. The regeneration effect is enhanced if the two products are used together.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin in a circular motion gently massage the serum on the face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed. then take up the facial cream. Five minutes after application of the cream has been sminkelhetünk.

In case of scars, blemishes and other skin problems spread a thin film of at least three times a day értintett skin, while the order is available.

For external use. used for nine months after opening.
The manufacture of products not tested on animals.
Its effect has been clinically tested.

Without paraben
Chemical components
Face cream: Certified organic snail extract, organic aloe vera, organic calendula Face serum: Certified organic snail extract, organic aloe vera, organic calendula and licorice extract
Skin type
All skin types
Clinical tests
ECOCERT certificate
Recommended age
At all ages
No reviews
    I am a 22 year old guy and I would like to ask for help in that on my forehead, there is a faint vertical expression line and even in the area between the wrinkle there are faint small wrinkles, I would like to avoid surgical intervention, could yo ...

    The Active Snake Venom facial cream is an effective aid in filling expression wrinkles. The syn-ake active ingredient found in the cream is often mentioned as a natural alternative to Botox due to its gentle yet highly effective wrinkle-filling effect. Its mechanism of action: its active ingredient, the Syn-ake tripeptide (plant protein), inhibits the contraction of facial muscles and blocks the receptors in the cell wall of the facial muscles, as a result of which they relax, and the expression wrinkles smooth out and then slowly disappear.

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    I would like to inquire, since from my inflamed pimples, red/pink spots have remained on my face, what could I potentially use to eliminate these pimple spots, perhaps a cream specifically developed for this purpose and doesn't have a peeling effec ...

    The eco snail serum and face cream have spot-reducing effects, however, like every spot-reducing cream, they exfoliate. Until you can use exfoliating face cream, I would recommend the use of highly moisturizing face creams, such as the Ultra Hydrating Aloe vera face cream which also contains regenerative allantoin.

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    I am a 33-year-old pregnant woman and I would like to find a deeply hydrating wrinkle reduction product. Unfortunately, I have deeper wrinkles on my forehead that bother me a lot and I would like to primarily do something about them, as well as sca ...

    I recommend using the Helix Active eco snail face cream and serum in combination for fading scars, blackheads, reducing surface wrinkles and for hydration. The face cream can be applied as a top layer on the serum. For reducing deeper, mimic wrinkles, I suggest the Active Snake snake venom face cream, which is better to use at night as it is a bit greasy, nourishing.

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    What type of cream should I buy? I am 45 years old. My facial skin used to be oily in the T-zone, but this is not so typical anymore. The problem that causes me concern these days are the small surface wrinkles appearing on my face. Internal hyd ...

    I would recommend the use of Helix Active Eco Snail Cream, possibly combined with Snail Serum. It has a special regenerative effect, deep hydration, fully rebuilds the skin and smoothes surface wrinkles. It also contains wound healing, anti-inflammatory ingredients, so it can be used for problematic skin as well. It lightens spots and potential skin imperfections. Additionally, if needed, I recommend the Active Snake Venom Face Cream for filling in deeper/expression lines. It has a unique lifting and wrinkle-filling effect, a noticeable effect can be achieved within a few hours. Start facial care by using the Eco Snail Micellar Facial Cleanser, the face cream can be applied a few minutes later. I recommend the serum for night use and the face cream for daytime use. The serum can also be used during the day, but a layer of face cream is recommended on top, especially in the cooler months. As a supplement to facial care, I would recommend a regulatory facial mask or seaweed facial mask for pore cleansing/tightening, or an extra hydrating facial mask for deep hydration, no more than once or twice a week.

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    Rosacea Dear Doctor! Rosacea causes serious problems on my face. So far, it only appears occasionally, but since the birth of my 3rd child , it has been becoming more frequent and more severe g.Unfortunately , it also spreads to my eyes -and m ...

    As a skin renewal and skin nourishment, I would recommend the Armonía Helix Active Eco Snail Cream, which can also be used effectively on problematic skin. This face cream contains marigold extract, which has excellent anti-inflammatory effects and can be beneficial even on a rosacea, seborrheic, eczema area. I would supplement the day-night use of the Helix Active Eco Snail Cream with the use of the Helix Active Eco Snail serum at night, which could achieve even more intensive gentle exfoliation and skin renewal. The snail saliva rebuilds and nourishes the skin in its full depth, and also fills up the wrinkles and reduces the skin defects. Arctiszt I would recommend using eco snail micellar face wash for cleansing. It is important not to use peeling, skin scrub as it would irritate your skin.

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    Eliminating red spots left after pimples. I welcome the question of whether you can recommend any cream for red spots left after pimples? Thank you

    As a treatment, it is worth applying the Armonía Helix Active eco snail serum to the red spots which also contains marigold, it has excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. If your skin also needs more intensive hydration, I would supplement the use of the serum with the Armonía Helix Active eco snail cream.

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    Hi! Can I use the ginger-cinnamon mask after the algae deep cleansing mask, or only separately? Thank you. :)

    Hi! If you've washed off the algae mask properly, you can then safely use the cinnamon regulatory mask :)

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    About one and a half to two years ago, 2 liver spots appeared on the side of my face next to each other. Not big, not too dark so it didn't really bother me so far. However, one of them started to itch about a week and a half ago, its color turned ...

    Dear Adrienn!

    A dermatological examination is necessary to determine what the spot is. A pigmentation spot itself cannot turn into a malignant lesion, but if any pigmented lesion is itchy, prone to bleeding or changes, it must be shown to a dermatologist. In the meantime, I would recommend using eco snail serum.

    Dr. Maria Poroszkai

    Dermatologist - cosmetic specialist

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    How does collagen cream help our skin?

    The word collagen is of Greek origin (kola = glue, and egonomen = produce), this compound word well expresses the purpose of collagen: it is a protein that 'glues together', 'unites' the parts of cells, promotes the formation and renewal of tissues. This very durable, fibrous protein (or protein) constitutes the largest portion of the human body's protein content, about 25% and of skin tissue it makes up 70%. Therefore, collagen is responsible for the elasticity and softness of the skin, it regenerates cells, builds joints, strengthens our bones, and together with vitamin C, it slows down the aging of the skin. However, as age progresses, its activity weakens, therefore it needs to be replenished. With the help of collagen, the skin becomes hydrated, more elastic, softer and firmer, discolorations fade, and scars and wrinkles caused by skin stretching become smoother.

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    What can I do with the red spots, scars left after acne?

    There are very good experiences related to the scar and spot fading effect of the eco snail serum.

    In cold winter weather, the skin requires increased protection and hydration, so I recommend using the eco snail serum in combination with the eco snail face cream. Use the serum for the night, the face cream for the day. If you would like to use the serum during the day as well, use a snail face cream as a cover layer.

    Dr. Maria Poroszkai

    Dermatologist - Cosmetologist Specialist

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