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Contains 97.9% natural ingredients, a treatment against skin imperfections that lightens spots, with cell-regenerating effects. Natural alpha-hydroxy acids and lactic acid-rich complex active ingredients have excellent exfoliating effects, as the exfoliation of old cells creates new skin cells, resulting in smoother and younger facial skin. It reduces acne scars and sunspots. Its composition was made with a combination of 15% natural acids derived from 5 natural extracts: blueberry, sugarcane, maple, orange, and lemon. Suitable for sensitive skin!

Dermatologically tested, vegan, silicone-free, dye-free, preservative-free, paraben-free


Benefits of using natural AHA ampoules:

- 24% increase in cell renewal after 15 days.

- Reduction of acne scars in case of oily skin.

- Less irritating than synthetic alpha-hydroxy acids.

- Suitable for all skin types, including oily skin.

- Not photosensitizing. Can be used even in summer

How to apply AHA ampoules?

Apply on dry, cleansed face day and night, using light movements. Thanks to its liquid texture, only a small amount is needed. Can be used as a serum before face cream or by adding a few drops to the face cream.

Combined with hyaluronic acid ampoules, it provides a powerful anti-aging treatment. Used in combination with Vitamin C ampoules, it is ideal for oily or imperfect skin as it helps regulate excess sebum and reduce acne scars. It is primarily recommended for use before sleep, as the skin renews at this time, so the benefits can be amplified. Can be used daily throughout the year as its formula is not irritating.

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    I am a 22 year old guy and I would like to ask for help in that on my forehead, there is a faint vertical expression line and even in the area between the wrinkle there are faint small wrinkles, I would like to avoid surgical intervention, could yo ...

    The Active Snake Venom facial cream is an effective aid in filling expression wrinkles. The syn-ake active ingredient found in the cream is often mentioned as a natural alternative to Botox due to its gentle yet highly effective wrinkle-filling effect. Its mechanism of action: its active ingredient, the Syn-ake tripeptide (plant protein), inhibits the contraction of facial muscles and blocks the receptors in the cell wall of the facial muscles, as a result of which they relax, and the expression wrinkles smooth out and then slowly disappear.

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    Eliminating red spots left after pimples. I welcome the question of whether you can recommend any cream for red spots left after pimples? Thank you

    As a treatment, it is worth applying the Armonía Helix Active eco snail serum to the red spots which also contains marigold, it has excellent wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects. If your skin also needs more intensive hydration, I would supplement the use of the serum with the Armonía Helix Active eco snail cream.

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    Hi! Can I use the ginger-cinnamon mask after the algae deep cleansing mask, or only separately? Thank you. :)

    Hi! If you've washed off the algae mask properly, you can then safely use the cinnamon regulatory mask :)

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    How does collagen cream help our skin?

    The word collagen is of Greek origin (kola = glue, and egonomen = produce), this compound word well expresses the purpose of collagen: it is a protein that 'glues together', 'unites' the parts of cells, promotes the formation and renewal of tissues. This very durable, fibrous protein (or protein) constitutes the largest portion of the human body's protein content, about 25% and of skin tissue it makes up 70%. Therefore, collagen is responsible for the elasticity and softness of the skin, it regenerates cells, builds joints, strengthens our bones, and together with vitamin C, it slows down the aging of the skin. However, as age progresses, its activity weakens, therefore it needs to be replenished. With the help of collagen, the skin becomes hydrated, more elastic, softer and firmer, discolorations fade, and scars and wrinkles caused by skin stretching become smoother.

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