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Shampoo with anti-grease action

based on Nettle and Aloe vera, enriched with honey. It regulates excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands of the hair roots, making the hair silky and flowing.

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has a powerful astringent effect that makes it ideal for regulating oil and stimulating the area’s drainage, through the lymphatic system where grease usually circulates.


normalises scalp hydration and nourishes it, providing aminoacids, vitamins (plenty of B12) and minerals. It also has a softening and soothing effect, reducing itchiness and irritation.

Apply to damp hair, massaging the scalp with your finger tips. Leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse with plenty of water. If you wish, repeat the process.

Without paraben
Chemical components
Nettle, Aloe vera and honey
Clinical tests
Hair type
Fat hair
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    Dear Sir/Madam! I wish you a good evening! I apologize for the interruption, I just wanted to ask, I would like to try a free product sample! I would like to ask one for my acne-prone skin and if possible one for my split hair. Thank you very much ...

    Dear Georgina,

    For acne-prone skin, we would send a sample of snail facial cream for young skin, and for brittle hair, a sample of mimosa shampoo against hair loss. Biotin hair strengthening shampoo can be even more effective for damaged, brittle hair, but unfortunately, we don't have a sample of that.

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    Can a mimosa shampoo and mask be used during pregnancy? Thanks:

    Yes, they can be used without worry, because these are natural cosmetics containing natural plant ingredients without chemicals.

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